Pneuma - Spring 2015 from MirandaTufnell DanceArtist on Vimeo.

The Pneûma Project is a collaboration between dance artist Miranda Tufnell, visual artist David Ward, musician Sylvia Hallett, with dance artists Eeva- Maria Mutka, Tim Rubidge and Cai Tomos and musician Jonah Brody. This piece has grown through the collective imagination of us all.

"In making this work we have drawn on many sources as part of an ongoing exploration of breath. Moment by moment we draw on the invisible air, catch scents, sounds, messages, signals. Our lives are suffused with myths and folklore images of the life-giving potency of breath, of breath lost and regained. Genesis begins with the movement of wind over water; Lear places a feather on the Cordelia’s lips for signs of life. Breath signals our birth and our passage from this world. As we listen to the tidal interchange of breath in the body, memories and dreams rise to the surface of awareness making visible our uniquely personal sense of being alive." Miranda Tufnell


You are wind
We are dust blown up into shapes,
You are spirit
We are the opening and closing of our hands